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Is Directory Submission Still Effective SEO Technique?

In recent years, Directory Submissions have taken on low priority, when compared to other SEO techniques. Backlinks are always very important and essential for websites to rank well, but always count on the quality of the links than the number. SEO experts always think twice on directory submissions after the penguin update, they are thought to be spammy but when done safely, there are great foundation for your website providing the dofollow backlinks.

Question is How do we do it “Safely”?

What are Directories?

Directories are the large databases, that hold huge number of websites segregated based on their categories and sub-categories. There are always paid and free directories, some of them take websites on the whole and some accept only a webpage or a post.

Directory Submission & SEO

Directory Submission is basically the procedure of submitting or listing your website in the apt  sub-category of a directory. Directory Submission can be done safely by following certain steps; and first and foremost step is to submit the website in the correct and most relevant sub-category.

Steps that can’t be Ignored:

  • Search Directories & Select a Directory
  • Check the Directory, Whether it is SEO-Friendly or Not
  • Select relevant Category
  • Fill-Up the Website Details
  • Confirm the Submission
  • Confirm the Submission via Email

SEO Benefits:

Get Backlinks: Backlinks are kind of backbones to a website, for gaining good rankings and traffic. Having SEO-Friendly backlinks is a must for any website, and gaining them is the first thing any SEO expert does. Directory Submission is the off-page technique to look onto, to gain quality dofollow backlinks.

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Exposure: Starting off with the directory submission, will get your website with relevant exposure in the directories in your category. Which will slowly push up the rankings in the search results too.

Steps to be Safe:

  • Submit the website in correct sub-category
  • Never submit your website in the wrong category
  • Do not provide wrong Links
  • Do not provide wrong or un-authentic content
  • Do not submit in the directories asking for reciprocals or wants their content on to be on your website.

Finally, Directory Submissions is not non-spammy technique when it’s done safely. So, start off with the submissions and gain some authentic and dofollow links for your website.

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