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Importance Of Sitemaps | SEO Factors

We all know that, there are more than 200+ SEO factors that affect the rankings in the search results and some of the factors cannot be ignored, sitemaps is one of them. In simple words, Sitemaps is just a map for a website. It explains the structure of your website to the crawlers, elaborates all the segments, links and each and every nook and corner.

Sitemaps are the best way to communicate with the search engines and it also helps search engines and even users navigate through your website in smooth and more understanding way, and it is always recommended to update your sitemap in regular intervals.

Sitemaps are of types: One is HTML that helps users/visitors navigate your website and another is XML format that helps crawler. So, in point of SEO you cannot ignore both Html and XML, having both the sitemaps for your website is beneficial.

How to Generate the Sitemap?

Generating and submission of the sitemap is quite simple. First step is to generate the sitemap, secondly uploading it and lastly notifying the Google about the sitemap. Let’s look the steps in closer:

Generate: Visit , enter the URL of your website and other details and now click on “Start”. Sitemaps will be generated in XML format and other important formats too. Download the “sitemap.xml” file onto your desktop.

Upload: Once the sitemap is downloaded, Go to root folder of your website and upload the file to folder. Once it is uploaded, check entering this URL to the browser:, you will find the page something similar to the image below.

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Notify: Once your sitemap is uploaded, it’s time to notify the Google webmasters about your sitemap so that they can crawl your website. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to Webmasters
  • Sign in and go to dashboard of your website
  • On left hand side, you will find the option of “Crawl”, click on that
  • Then click on “Sitemaps”
  • Now at the right side “Add/Test Sitemap”
  • In the dialog box, enter “sitemap.xml” and then click on Submit Sitemap.

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