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How To Create Linkedin Company Page To Promote Your Business

Linkedin gives a business a great opportunity to build network, promote their business and share important information through Company Pages. Like other social media platforms, companies can use Linkedin page to share business updates, product information and interact with audiences. Other than that, Linkedin also allows to recruit talented professionals through special tab on the company page for “careers”; where your business can showcase employment for those who are looking for job opportunities. It also gives larger options for marketing your brand and reach out your audiences.

So, Interested to set up Linkedin Page for your Business?

Let’s check out some simple steps to Create Linkedin Company Page for Promoting your Business


To create company page, you just need a Linkedin Account, Company Name and official company email ID. Procedure is quite simple and easy, login into your account and then Goto “Interests”, in the drop-down menu you will find “Companies”.

After going to companies page, on the right side you will find “Create a Company Page”. Get started by clicking “Create” button.

Create Linkedin Page

Enter the Company Name and company email address and also verify that you are representative of the company. Click on continue.

Give Company Name & Email Address

Fill-In all Details

When we talk about company pages on social media; company description, contact details and product details are must to be showcased on the page. Linkedin offers various options to showcase your specialities, type of your business, company size, industry details and contact details. Fill-in all the details and give brief description about your company, so that audiences understand you before getting connected.

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Perfect Company Details

Profile Photo & Banner Image

Linkedin Page is more like a official representation of your business, so make it official and upload profile picture that represents your business. It is always recommended to have your business logo as the profile picture. Coming to banner image, make it creative and attractive to grab audiences attention and also convey your message.

Standard Profile Photo Size: 100 x 60 Pixels

Banner Size: 646 x 220 Pixels

Profile Photo & Banner Image

Page Updates

Before promoting your Linkedin Page, it is compulsory to have some company updates; because audiences wouldn’t follow empty page isn’t. Look at Linkedin page to be platform to engage with the audiences rather than advertising. Open up some discussions, share important tips, some company updates that include quality content and valuable company information.

Promote Linkedin Page

After successfully creating the page, gaining followers is the next step. To gain followers you need to promote your page and let people know about your presence on Linkedin, which can be done in the following ways:

  • Have a Linkedin Icon in your Company Website
  • Tell People to Follow you on Linkedin, through different social media platforms
  • Convey your employees to update their Linkedin profiles by including the company name as their workplace
  • Add Linkedin Page link to your Email Signature and even encourage your employees to do so
  • Have Linkedin Share button on your blog posts

These were quick steps to create Linkedin company page for your business, which connects your brand to your audiences and partners in a professional way. So, Get started and create your page today!

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