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Best & Free Facebook Analytics Tools

Analysis is that one key in online marketing, by which one can discover their campaign results, points to improve and even ignore. Coming to Facebook Marketing, it’s quite tricky to analyze the performance, but it is not tough and facebook analytics and various other tools made this quite very easy. When we talk about maintaining and running successful Facebook pages, there are some key points one should focus on: perfect page, good number of likes, engaging content, frequent analysis and also to keep an eye on competitors.

Social Media analytics tools are many, where you can get best analytics for your facebook page and other profiles too. Now when we talk about competitor’s analysis, there are many things to consider. So everytime going to competitors pages and analyzing is a tough job isn’t? There are some free analytic tools that makes our job pretty easy.


Likealyzer is a free facebook page analytics tool, where you can get quick analysis by just giving the page URL. It is quick and gives most accurate results. Here you get information of any page that you are looking for.

Let’s consider the example: Facebook Page of Mashable

It gives the quick review of the page, stating the performance and giving recommendations to improve more and more.

Likealyzer also analyzes some of the important metrics, and states whether they are up to the mark or not.

Not only that, Likealyzer also has this great feature, where you can receive daily updated facebook statistics along with your competitor’s statistics also, and moreover its FREE.

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Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is the analytics tool, that measures the success rate of a particular page. it calculates the engagement, conveys the best times for posting, best topics, types of posts and many more. This tool not only helps to keep track of your page, but also all competitor’s pages.

In this tool, you can add more than two facebook pages to keep a track of, and they can be pages of your competitors too.

These two analytics tools are free and help you analyze your page and even your competitors, through which you can analyze your performance, make new strategies and gain successful results.

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