How to Choose a Commercial Weed Eater

April 14th, 2020

Being an expert in the area of lawns, you will agree now that a commercial weed eater is a useful resource. Also, getting the right commercial weed eater doesn’t come easy. They’ve been a lot of commercial weed eaters produced over the years.

Some of these commercial weed eaters are built for industrial purposes, while others are created for residential purposes. A commercial weed eater must have excellent durability for it to be able to work effectively on all landscapes. The simplicity and lightweight of the commercial weed eater also matters as this will help in easy maneuverability and excellent results.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a commercial weed eater. It is because they come in different variations. Before selecting a commercial weed eater, you should decide how you intend to use it. There are three options for commercial weed eaters in the market. You need to identify the category that best suits your criteria. The three options are:

  • Handheld Weed Wacker
  • Backpack Weed Eater
  • Walk-behind Wheeled Weed Eater

Handheld Weed Wacker

The handheld weed wacker is one of the most popularly used commercial weed eaters available in the market today. The cutting mechanism is mounted on a pole like structure, and it runs on both electric and gas engines.

Backpack Weed Eater

It is another commercial weed eater that has an engine brace structured like a backpack. The cutting mechanism is also mounted on a pole like structure. This commercial weed eater enables you to hang the substantial part of the machine on your shoulder for easy navigation.

Walk-behind Wheeled Weed Eater

This type of commercial weed eater comes with wheels, and they are the most dominant ones around today. Just like the lawnmowers, they have a unique and exceptional way of getting the job done on almost any type of landscape. However, unlike the other two mentioned earlier, the walk-behind wheeled weed eater is a heavy-duty commercial weed eater meant for extreme tasks.

After deciding on the type of commercial weed eater you require, the next thing to consider is the engine type.

  • Engine Type
  • Gas Engine
  • Electric Engine

The most commonly produced commercial weed eaters are electric or gas powered weed eater. The engines that run on gas are considered more powerful than the electric engine. Although some electric engines are similar to gas engines, in terms of capability, should you decide to choose an electric engine, I would advise you to select one with a high battery capacity that has an extended run-time after recharge. 

Another important aspect is a power source for charging the battery; this is very important to keep the weed eater fully functional at all times. If you have a limited power source, then it’s advisable to purchase spare batteries as a means of backup. 

Due to the inconvenience that comes with the electric engine, most users decide to go for the commercial weed eaters with the gas engine. When going for a gas engine, you need to consider the two types available, the two-cylinder and four-cylinder engine.

The two-cylinder engine is lighter than the four-cylinder engine; it combines gas and oil to work, while the four-cylinder engine works on just gas. However, oil lubricants are required to lubricate engine parts. Despite their differences, the two engines are both powerful and efficient in their own right.

The Power

The power of commercial weed eater is the next vital factor to consider when choosing a commercial weed eater. When choosing a commercial weed eater, the engine power should be from 30cc and above. If the grasses on your terrain aren’t too wild, the engine power of 25cc and above can be considered. Also, batteries more than 30 volts are best for you commercial weed eater.

Easy Usability

A commercial weed eater needs to be comfortable and straightforward to use. Therefore, when choosing one, you should choose the one that is easy to use. You are buying the commercial weed eater for a long term use, which is why you should get one that you will be comfortable for use. The following are things to consider if you are to get a commercial weed eater that is user friendly and easy to use:

THE WEIGHT: choose the type that has a lightweight with your desired engine. 

THE SHAFT ADJUSTABILITY: When the shafts are adjustable, the weed eater can be adjusted to suit your desired height. It makes it easy for you to cover the far-off edges of your lawn.

THE BALANCE: The balance of your commercial weed eater is essential. The balance helps you control the commercial weed eater effectively about the lawn; it also enables you to produce the right trimming suitable for the terrain.

THE NOISE: If you are going to be using your commercial weed eater for an extended period within the day, you should choose one that has a fewer noise characteristic. 


The durability of a commercial weed eater matters a lot. I’ll recommend getting a heavy-duty product. Heavy-duty commercial weed eaters have the best durability a commercial weed eater can produce.

Adaptability and Versatility

A commercial weed eater should be able to adapt to different terrain. Choosing one that can work on almost every terrain would be great.  A multi-functional commercial weed eater is necessary to increase versatility during use. Commercial weed eaters that can be used for other purposes besides trimming is essential. Therefore, you can get a commercial weed eater that has additional functions and attachments. 


Commercial weed eaters in the market today come in various types and brands. However, a lot needs to be considered when choosing a commercial weed eater. The type of commercial weed eater you want to purchase should be the first thing for you to consider. You can pick the best one that best suits the task you’ll be using it to carry out.

The engine is another vital aspect to consider since we already know that they come in two different types: the electric and gas engine. This article further explained the things you should look out for when choosing your choice of engine.

Other things to consider are the engine power, battery capacity and longevity, easy usability, durability, adjustability and versatility. Hence, this article has looked at all these aspects extensively to give you a better understanding and the ability to be able to make the right choice.